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My name is Hank I am a patient at the Rolling Hills Dental Clinic in Fort Dodge. I am 15 years old and go to St. Edmond High School. I had the opportunity to experience Invisalign instead of regular braces. The choice I made was great because Invisalign was really easy and was not a long process at all. The responsibility part was pretty easy, all I had to do was slip my Invisalign on my teeth the times I wasn’t eating or drinking anything. When I began Invisalign it was towards the end of the school year and into the summer so it was easy getting into the habit of keeping them in my mouth. I am very happy about the outcome of my teeth and what Dr. Nick and Invisalign did for me. I would recommend Invisalign over braces any day. It was really a great, quick and easy experience for me to do. Hank

I appreciate the amazing results I have seen after using Invisalign to straighten my teeth. In the beginning it seemed as though it was going to be a long process but after the first few sets of aligners the results began to show and I was excited to get to the next pair. The ease of having a convenient case to put the aligners in was very helpful when I wanted to eat or drink. This was especially helpful during my time at college because of having to eat on campus most of the time. I was also impressed with how easy it was to clean the aligners, because having clean, good smelling aligners was just as important as having clean teeth and fresh breath. I am very glad that I chose to get Invisalign because I would not have wanted to have a mouth full of metal at my age, since I did not have braces when I was younger. I would recommend Invisalign to any person who is interested in having a nearly invisible solution to straighter teeth. I would also recommend your dental clinic to anyone who is looking for a professional who provides expert help and a comfortable environment. Thanks Again, Myles

I would recommend Dr. Drzycimski for the Invisalign procedure to anyone! He is well versed in the field. The doctor and his entire staff were always excited to see my progress. Never did I feel embarrassed having my teeth straightened at 43!! Sincerely, Diane

The experience I had with Invisalign went very fast. It took about 10 months. Once I started I was able to schedule my appointments after working hours. The appointments were very short and pain free. The aligners were easy to put in and take out. I never experienced much soreness. The aligners were easy to keep clean and best of all most people didn’t know I was wearing them. My teeth were much straighter when I was finished. For the first time I actually had people tell me I have nice teeth! -Deanna

A smile to greet people is important in my job as a receptionist and as I meet people in my volunteer work. As a teenager I wore braces to straighten my teeth but over the years they had slipped out of place. Dr Nick and Invisalign helped regain that “confident smile” with a simple process. The aligners used with Invisalign can also be used to whiten your teeth. Another added bonus can be weight loss. While wearing your aligners you are less likely to eat between meals.- Alyce Flaherty

I started wearing the NTI device about three weeks ago. Since then, I have been able to sleep most of the night, where before I was getting up several times, and every noise would wake me. My teeth grinding would wake up my husband, so even he is getting more rest now. I feel more relaxed, and more at ease throughout the day. I have never been a morning person; I have always had to drag myself out of bed- I always need that “extra” snooze. Not anymore!! I am up before six, and go for a run most mornings. I am able to do this because I feel rested. It’s great-I couldn’t be happier. Thank You.

I had mentioned to you the annoying problem with my jaws locking open, which could last from a few minutes to several hours before I could get them unlocked. All I wanted was to be able to eat comfortably, and not have to worry about the locking when I was taking a bite of food, especially if I was out in public. You not only fixed my jaw, you fixed my headaches, fixed my “blah” feeling in the mornings, and probably other nonspecific things which did not seen to relate to each other or anything else, as near as I could tell. I was skeptical-I could not fathom how the odd looking NTI we talked about could possibly make such a difference. How could clenching my teeth/jaws have such a negative effect? It is hard to believe, but it does, and it has. If you recommend this device for someone, I strongly encourage them to give it a try. I was truly amazed at the results. -Ellen

Dr. Nick Drzycimski made an appliance for me to prevent clenching my teeth at night. I was having headaches when I woke up in the morning and my massage therapist said I had chronic tension in my neck and shoulders. I have been wearing the appliance for almost a month now and have had no headaches and the tension in my neck and shoulders is at a minimum. I am so glad I invested in this. Thanks, Catherine

In October 2009 I had mini-implants. I had worn dentures for 23 years before this. The greatest thing is going out to eat and not being afraid my dentures will slip or worse come out while I am eating. It is wonderful to be able to eat an apple without having to slice it or eat corn on the cob without having to cut it off the cob first. As for discomfort, it really wasn’t any different than having a tooth removed. I had the procedure done on a Friday and was able to work on Monday. My job requires I talk on the phone and face to face with people all day. I was able to do this with minimal discomfort. My gums were sore for a few days and I ate a lot of soft foods, but it was worth it! I would recommend mini-implants to everyone. I would also be willing to talk to anyone who has questions. - Sandy

Before I got my mini-implants, my dentures were loose. I had a lopsided smile and it was hard for me to talk. I could only eat soft foods and used Fixodent three to five times a day. After I got my upper mini implants I have a beautiful smile, no longer require Fixodent and my dentures are tight and I am able to eat more food than I have in the past 4 years. My thanks to you Dr. Nick, for your patience, kindness, and expertise. - Virgil

I am very satisfied with my mini-implants. The procedure was simple, with little or no pain and now I can eat almost anything. I feel very comfortable wearing them and don’t even realize they are there. Thank you for recommending this procedure. – Harry

Dr. Nick and staff, THANK YOU so much for taking care of my mom, Marian. I just spoke with her, and she is so pleased with the way she was treated. She said everyone was so kind, and gentle with her. Again, THANK YOU!! -Luann

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